Review: A Study in Charlotte

For fans of: Sherlock, Elementary, Sherlock Holmes James Watson has grown up hearing about Charlotte Holmes and her adventures solving crimes with Scotland Yard. So when he’s unceremoniously shipped to the very Connecticut boarding school she attends, the one bright spot is that he’ll finally get to meet her. But when students start being murdered in … Continue reading Review: A Study in Charlotte


Book review: Nimona

Recommended for: Tumblr aficionados, fans of The Princess Bride and Firefly   Supervillain Ballister Blackheart wasn’t looking for a sidekick. Ever since he lost his arm in a joust-gone-awry with his former friend (and maybe more) Sir Goldenloin, Blackheart has kept himself to himself. But when spunky shape-shifter Nimona shows up in his lab, she gives Blackheart no … Continue reading Book review: Nimona


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