Book review: Wolf By Wolf

Recommended for: history buffs who liked The Hunger GamesThe Man in the High Castle, and/or Inglorious Basterds


Ever since the Axis powers defeated the Allies in WWII, they have celebrated with the Axis Tour: a cross-continent motorcycle race between Japanese and German teenagers (who are not above a little murder to win). The race culminates in a grand Victor’s Ball, at which the winner is honored by an audience with Hitler himself. Competing this year is Adele Wolf, last year’s winner and the Tour’s first ever female victor. She’ll be racing against her former lover Luka, as well as her own brother, Felix, who just wants her to come home. But what Luka and Felix don’t know is that this year is different. This year she has to win that audience with Hitler. Because this year, Adele isn’t Adele, she’s a Jewish resistance fighter named Ya-el, a shapeshifter created in the concentration camps, whose mission is to win the race and kill the fuhrer.


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