Book review: Nimona

Recommended for: Tumblr aficionados, fans of The Princess Bride and Firefly



Supervillain Ballister Blackheart wasn’t looking for a sidekick. Ever since he lost his arm in a joust-gone-awry with his former friend (and maybe more) Sir Goldenloin, Blackheart has kept himself to himself. But when spunky shape-shifter Nimona shows up in his lab, she gives Blackheart no choice but to take her on as a sidekick. Will Nimona win Blackheart over? Will Blackheart get to the bottom of his new protégé’s shape-shifting abilities? Can this motley duo triumph over the powers of evil and a massive government conspiracy?

Nimona is Noelle Stevenson’s debut graphic novel. Originally published serially as a web comic, Nimona is a delightfully cheeky adventure that blends the hallmarks of high fantasy (mythical monsters, swords and sorcery) with science fiction (laser cannons, chemical warfare, advanced robotics). Stevenson’s style is intentionally anachronistic, with characters drinking soda and making video calls while clad in chain mail. While the art style itself is fairly simple, it belies a story fraught with surprisingly complex issues. The villain is actually a hero, the hero is actually the damsel in distress, and the girl is actually a monster. Readers can expect Nimona to tickle the funny bone and pluck at the heart strings, often on the same page.

Nimona is available for check-out in the graphic novels section of Library 200.


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