Book review: Wolf By Wolf

Recommended for: history buffs who liked The Hunger Games, The Man in the High Castle, and/or Inglorious Basterds Ever since the Axis powers defeated the Allies in WWII, they have celebrated with the Axis Tour: a cross-continent motorcycle race between Japanese and German teenagers (who are not above a little murder to win). The race culminates in a … Continue reading Book review: Wolf By Wolf


Book review: Nimona

Recommended for: Tumblr aficionados, fans of The Princess Bride and Firefly   Supervillain Ballister Blackheart wasn’t looking for a sidekick. Ever since he lost his arm in a joust-gone-awry with his former friend (and maybe more) Sir Goldenloin, Blackheart has kept himself to himself. But when spunky shape-shifter Nimona shows up in his lab, she gives Blackheart no … Continue reading Book review: Nimona