Review: Evil Librarian

Recommended for: fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, lovers of musical theater (especially Sweeney Todd)


There’s something a little…different…about the new school librarian. Something about his good looks, or the way he asks students to call him by his first name, or how he sprouts wings and murders teachers has 16 year-old Cynthia Rothschild on edge. As if literally falling over every time she sees her crush, Ryan Halsey, or trying to design the PERFECT chair for the fall production of Sweeney Todd aren’t enough, now she has a demon librarian to contend with. A demon librarian who’s hell bent on wooing Cyn’s best friend Annie (not that Annie seems to mind). Can Cyn rescue Annie from the clutches of the sinister Mr. Gabriel? Can she stop him from massacring the entire school? Will she ever get to make out with Ryan Halsey?

This book is a really fun read. Cyn is a relatable and refreshing protagonist: she shirks the spotlight in favor of power tools as leader of the theater tech crew, she’s unabashedly honest in her descriptions of how physical her feelings for Ryan Halsey are, and at no point does she play the damsel in distress, instead working to rescue everyone around her from literal hell on earth. Evil Librarian is a breath of fresh air in the supernatural YA genre, offering snark and sarcasm in place of saccharine romance and sparkly vampires.

Look for Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen on the New Books shelf in Library 200.


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