Review: Signal to Noise

Recommended for: fans of Stranger Things, music lovers Set in Mexico City, Signal to Noise alternates between 1988 and 2009, weaving the story of Mercedes “Meche” Vega. In 1988, Meche is a teenager: lonely, awkward, and obsessed with music. In 2009, Meche is a successful programmer living in Norway, home for her estranged father’s funeral. As … Continue reading Review: Signal to Noise


Review: Evil Librarian

Recommended for: fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, lovers of musical theater (especially Sweeney Todd) There’s something a little…different…about the new school librarian. Something about his good looks, or the way he asks students to call him by his first name, or how he sprouts wings and murders teachers has 16 year-old Cynthia Rothschild on … Continue reading Review: Evil Librarian


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